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Find the right tools…Check out the categories in the margin on the right. They will help you find the perfect products and kits to meet your needs based on age (3-11 or 12-18), version (community or faith-based) or setting (classroom, home, one-on-one mentoring). We have lots to choose from so please contact us if we can help you decide!


We started using We Choose Virtues at our house this summer.  I absolutely love the program.  At first I thought that it was a little too expensive, but once I had the products in my hand and saw the small changes in my kids it was worth it!  The sales they have throughout the year make a big difference as well. 

My favorite product is the Teacher's Virtue Cards - Faith Based.  These cards are 8 1/2 by 11 cards with beautiful artwork.  There are key words, activities, Bible Verses, stories and of course the Virtue Ville Kids.  These kids are adorable and easy to remember.  All I have to say is "Oboe Joe" and my children respond, "OK, I will obey, whatever you say, right away!"  I have also used these cards in a Co-op setting.  They are the perfect size for small groups.  If you are a homeschool mom that is tight on cash, WCV have now come out with a Family Virtue Card about half the size and half the price!  They still include all the features of the bigger card. 

Don't miss the Virtue Kids Coloring Book.  These are so great to go along with your study.  At this time there are only 6 Virtue Ville kids to color, but the creator is in the process of getting the rest out.  I wanted some copywork to go along with the program, so I created Copywork to go along with each virtue that includes each of the memory verses.  It is available on Currclick.com  Click Here to get your copy.

I would definately recommend We Choose Virtues for any age.  I have actually been reminded about a few things myself!  I've also had fun coloring along with my kiddos. 

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BRAND NEW "Virtue Clues!"

Finally, the much anticipated handy little take-everywhere Virtue Clue Cards! These make great stocking stuffers, they are perfect for purses and the glove compartment of your car. Your kids will want their own set! They are full color and feature The Virtue Kids, their names, the Virtue catchphrase and antonyms, and on the back a "You can do it" challenge! Virtues-on-the-go (we all know that this is when we need it most!)


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    Teacher's Virtue Cards-faith based family


    These 13, full color, delightfully illustrated cards are loaded with helpful tips on introducing and demonstrating 12 Virtues and our Virtue Icons, the caterpillar and butterfly, in your home. These cards include the name of our featured "Virtue Kid" with an inspiring story, a Virtue users challenge, "What to say after 'I'm sorry'", the Virtue catchphrase definition ("I am" phrase), and antonyms for the Virtue ("I am not" phrase), and a Bible verse. We only offer these in the faith-based version so there are a few references to God as well. With only seconds of prep time, and only 10 minutes of teaching Virtues each day, you will be surprised how fast your whole family will learn to choose and use Virtue! Note: If you have older kids, allow them to teach Virtues to the younger ones. It is simply inspiring to see! These cards are our TOP PICK for homeschool and "family time".

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  • HOME SCHOOL KIT-faith based


    This kit is specially assembled with all the things a Home School needs to teach Virtues. The 13 Teacher's Virtue Cards included in this set are brand NEW and created just for families! They introduce and demonstrate 12 Virtues and our Virtue Icons, the caterpillar and butterfly. Turn your home into a place where Virtue is valued in both attitudes and actions! The Teacher Cards and Virtue Flash Cards are the Faith-Based version and include scriptures from the NIrV Bible for every Virtue. The Teacher’s Handbook is included at no additional cost as a download...so remember to select an Add-On. Simple and inspiring, you’ll be glad you chose Virtues!

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