About the Author

Teach Me Joy was begun by Joy Bryant, an elementary school teacher that became a homeschool mom. Along with her degree in Elementary Education she obtained certification through the National Institute of Learning Disabilities (NILD) to do educational therapy with those who have learning disabilities. She has taught grades K4-4th, most in Christian school settings. Joy's programs are designed to meet the educational needs of students in a way that is easy for the homeschool mom and doesn’t require a lot of out of pocket expense. Currently Joy and her family are living in Indonesia working with MAF.  (www.maf.org/bryant)

Vivian C. Conrad is an advisor in the developing process of Teach Me Joy materials. Vivian holds a BA in Christian Education and music, an MA in Theology and is currently finishing thesis work on another MA in Christian School Education. She is the mother of 5 and grandmother to 10. She has lived in Asia for 24 years, teaching high school Bible at Faith Academy in Manila for the last 11. She has had extensive experience in course development, having written curriculum for many high school Bible and writing courses. She is also the author of Not There Yet, But Gaining On it: A Journey Toward Spiritual Maturity.

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