Hall of Heroes


Heroes can be found anywhere you look. We have ancient heroes, biblical heroes, heroes that have helped change our world and heroes on our own streets. Your child will explore all these different heroes in Hall of Heroes. This program targets K5-2nd grades and schedules all of the core subjects.

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Included in this program:

  • Bible - Bible Heroes and the Armor of God (Options for different skill levels)
  • Language Arts
  • Phonics - options for different skill levels
  • Handwriting - choice of manuscript or cursive
  • Spelling
  • Reading (Options for different skill levels)
  • Read-Alouds - List of suggested read-alouds with ideas for comprehension questions.
  • Math - K5 program is included. 1st & 2nd grade is scheduled with the programs from Math Mammoth.
  • History, Science & Geography - Combined program with reading assignments, notebooking pages, timeline and projects.

Each week is scheduled in a fun, easy to read format. Substituting books is simple and only takes a search at your local library.

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