You are working through a tough problem with the tween, dealing with a confrontation with the teen, and fishing the toddler out of the toilet.  Planning dinner, laundry, picking up, and other chores and errands make up a busy day.  Often the grind of our daily schedule makes it tough to stop and just give thanks for each of the things God has given us.  We miss the little blessings as our lives get more hectic.

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Using the month of November is a great way to focus on Thanksgiving is nothing new.  There are posts on it every single year.  I have oodles of pins on Pinterest on having an Attitude of Gratitude.  This post will give you some topics that will help you narrow your focus.  If you choose 5 specific blessings to be thankful for for each topic, you will have a whole 30 days of thanksgiving!  

(There’s a FREE Gratitude Calendar at the bottom of this post that will help you take this even further!)

30 Days of Thanksgiving

  • Family – Five different days can be Children, Parents, Extended Family, Cousins, Grandparents, etc.
  • Work – Do you stay at home?  What is your Husband’s Work?  Think about work you do for free, or work your children do to help.  Fill in 5 days with thanks for work.
  • Play – What are hobbies or interests that you have?  Music, dance, sewing, cooking, etc.  Choose things to give thanks for!
  • Friends – This can be church friends, neighbors, acquaintances, your friends, your kids friends, or a mentor.
  • Stuff – There are so many things that we have that make our lives better!  Right now, I’m thinking of a few things I don’t know if I could live without in a foreign country! 
  • Spiritual – Let’s get specific with how God has impacted your life!  What are spiritual gifts you are grateful for?  Spiritual leaders, Bible studies, personal quiet times, or special understandings are all possibilities for this topic.

The sky’s the limit with living a life of gratitude and the benefits are abundant.  Give this 30 days of thanksgiving a try!  (Look below for your Thanksgiving Calendar!)

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