Recently I attended the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention.  I loved it, but realized that it might not be for everyone.  I discovered five different reasons homeschool conventions or conferences may not be for you!

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#1 – You Hate Meeting and Hanging Out With Like-Minded People

It was a breath of fresh air to be in a place with so many like-minded people!  I am an introvert, but I loved watching so many people with their families that have similar parental styles, love for homeschooling, and love for the Lord in one place.  My son’s comment after being in the youth group, “Everyone is so nice!  And guess what… they all homeschool!”  Of course, if you homeschool in a community with tons of families like yours or don’t enjoy that sort of thing, the Homeschool Convention is NOT for you!

#2 – You Have the Homeschool Thing All Figured Out

There were so many topics covered and session choices available at the TTD Convention.  There were even topics for dads and sessions for kids!  I have been homeschooling for going on 10 years and I learned so much.  There were times I wished I could go to more than one session at once.  They were all so good!

Teach Them Diligently isn’t the only convention that has great options.  The 2018 Homeschool Moms Conference is all online and has 60 speakers and 150+ sessions to choose from this year!  

The awesome thing about this conference, is that you don’t have to pay for everything!  There are 2 different tracks, the Homeschool Moms Track and the Work at Home/Blogging TrackYou can also get the All Access Pass at a discount!

#3 – You Hate Looking at New Materials and Getting Discounts

Finding curriculum is one of my favorite things to do.  I recommend a budget before you go!  There were so many good options, I had to stick some in my hat for the future.  Having a goal for your school year and knowing the direction that you plan on going with your children makes a big difference.  I was able to make much better choices with that thought out ahead of time.  It was hard passing up some of the great deals that come with being a part of the convention. 

Even though the 2018 Homeschool Moms Conference is all online, there will be a vendor hall and a “swag bag” of goodies included!  Yay!

Of course, if you do NOT like looking at homeschooling curriculum options, getting goodies and discounts, this would not be a good place for you.

#4 – You Do Not Like Being Challenged 

Being at the homeschool convention really challenged me; as a mother, a homeschool mom, as a wife, and as a Christian.  Everywhere I went I was challenged to take a look at the things in my life and to make them better! 

I am not exaggerating when I say that going to this convention changed our lives.  My husband was also challenged as the leader of our home, the principle of the school, the Dad, and in his example as the spiritual leader.  My children were challenged academically in the Robot & God Camp, spiritually in the youth sessions, and as siblings through the Not Consumed sessions and awesome Sibling Bible Study.

Of course, some people are very comfortable in their lives and do not need the challenges that I do. If this is you, you definitely DON’T need to go to a homeschool convention or conference.

#5 – You Do Not Like Being Encouraged

It was so encouraging to praise the Lord in the large sessions, to see other parents hurriedly scratching down notes, and listen to my children talk about the other great kids they met, or what they did in their groups.  The Lord filled my heart with joy as I realized that something that we had been doing was actually working for our family!  It encouraged me to know that what wasn’t working for us could change.  

It was also super encouraging to sit in on the Mom’s Night Out with a room full of other Homeschool Moms and know that we were all in this together, even though we don’t think about that during the year.  

This years TTD Homeschool Convention filled my cup to overflowing and I think it will last for a good long while!  If you can’t make a convention this year, I hope you will try again next year!  

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