You wake up late, the baby is crying.  The teen is asking for breakfast, and the tween is fussing because her brother teased her. The coffee spills all over the counter and soaks the bread, that you just made the day before and you were going to use for toast and sandwiches today. Your quiet time is forgotten, spills are cleaned, baby is soothed, cereal instead of toast, and school starting still seems unreachable!  Been there?  Can I even count how many days have started this way?!?

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No matter how many times I get in a state of overwhelming craziness, I have to remind myself to look at the blessings.  Why is it so hard to do at times?  Why is it easier to get carried away on a sea of self-pity and doubt?  Starting to find beauty and blessings in the small things does not come easily.  It takes self-discipline and a lot of practice!  As I have told my kids, “You won’t get any better without practice!”  If you are anything like me, it would be great for someone to just tell me at the beginning what to look for.  That would take off a lot of stress, so that maybe my family wouldn’t get crazy Mama!  Well, here you go! {And there’s a free set of Joyful Quotes below as well!}

One of my favorite songs is Blessings by Laura Story.  She does a fabulous job reminding me how to look at the blessings in life.  Sometimes just being able to sit with my journal, or Journaling Bible and a latte with music playing gives me the renewal that my mind, body and spirit crave.  

20 Small Blessings to Hang Onto!

  1. You wake up on time, without an alarm, which gives you a moment to breathe before starting your day.
  2. The baby wraps his arms around you for a hug instead of throwing a fit.
  3. Hubby does something on your “Honey Do List” without prompting!
  4. You are able to sit and drink a whole cup of coffee without being interrupted!
  5. You finish your entire homeschool plan for the day.
  6. The middle child does the chores without arguing or fussing!
  7. You get through a whole meal without arguing, fussing, or spilling!
  8. Everyone inhales the meal you make with happy, satisfied smiles.
  9. You get to watch your child learn a new skill and see the pride on their face. 
  10. You find time to play a family game.
  11. Hubby compliments you on something you did that you didn’t think he would notice.
  12. You get some cuddle time!
  13. You get through your day (or morning… it’s the little steps!) without anyone crying, the kids or you!
  14. A friend calls just to check on you and say hi.
  15. Hubby takes the littles outside to play and it is blessedly quiet!
  16. Your firstborn picks up his clothes and towel after a shower without being asked!
  17. The children play happily together for ANY amount of time.  
  18. You get to do something you love to do, but haven’t been able to do in a long time.
  19. You get to visit with a friend uninterrupted.
  20. And finally, for my overseas Mamas, you don’t have any cultural faux pas today!  

What is something that happened today that you consider a “Little Blessing?”  Let’s keep this list going below!  

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