The Brinkman Adventures Radio Shows are such an entertaining and educational way to practice listening with my children, that when I heard about the new curriculum that accompanies these shows, I was ecstatic!  These Adventures go right along with what Teach Me Joy is all about.  These based on truth stories expand your child’s world views as well as encourage them to think about missionaries all over the world.  Check out my Family Spotlights for more true life stories of other families around the world.



The Brinkman Adventure team has been working for over two years to bring you a missionary curriculum that compliments Season 1 of the Brinkman Adventures.  They have just announced that twelve new lessons are now available for the first time exclusively HERE on their website. These are going to be great for home schooling, Christian schools, and churches.





  • Along with how to use the guide tips, an overview, teaching tips and scope and sequence, season 1 comes with 12 Complete Lessons.
  • The first lesson,  that Teach Me Joy readers can get for free at the end of this review, is called Treasure in HeavenIt focuses on how to store your treasures in heaven and not on the earth, where they won’t last.
  • Each lesson includes a theme and a memory verse.  This is followed by a scripture passage and audio drama.
  • The teaching plans and activities are written very clearly and give specific questions to ask and tips on where to guide the conversation.
  • Several activities and follow-up printables are provided with clear instructions and tie-in suggestions.  It is laid out in a way that a teacher can pick up the guide without much planning and be able to teach the lesson.

I have been very impressed with what I have seen and am looking forward to seeing what they have planned for the future!

More About Brinkman Adventures  (More on their website here)

“Brinkman Adventures is an exciting radio show that tells true, modern, missionary stories through the fictional Brinkman family.  Each twenty-six minute episode contains a Biblical theme, lesson, and compelling drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.   Using modern sound effects, original music, and superb writing, Brinkman Adventures are ‘Movies for the Ears’.”

The president of Brinkman Adventures originally wrote it to ‘Create a missionary radio show that will inspire future missionaries‘.  It is now a non-profit organization that inspires children all over the world.



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