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Do you get tired of hearing the debate year after year on whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween??  I know I did!  When my hubby and I started having children we had to make those important decisions for our family.  Will we celebrate Halloween?  Will we do Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, or the tooth fairy?  I can’t answer those questions for you, but I can tell you about something I started doing and ended up loving it so much I do it every year!

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It was the last week of October and we were going to a friend’s house to visit.  I was shocked when I walked in her living room and she had it completely decorated for Christmas!  She explained that she loved Christmas so much that she liked decorating early so that she could enjoy it longer.  I LOVED the idea!  I had never liked Halloween and this was the perfect way to just skip the whole thing!  Decorating for fall wasn’t something I did either, because you had to take it down for Christmas.  This way, I could decorate for Christmas at Halloween, it would be a special day for my family and then I didn’t have to do any extra decorating for Thanksgiving!  I was definitely going to try it.

The next year I put my plan in action.  On the last day of October I took out my Christmas decorations, and my kids helped me put them all up.  My husband thought I was crazy when he walked in the door after work that day!  After a couple of days, I had won him over.  He thought it was a great plan!  I was amazed at the positive comments I got throughout November, and EVERYONE loved having it decorated for Christmas at Thanksgiving.  It was a complete WIN!


Now my family looks forward to having Christmas up for 2 months every year. It also works well in Indonesia where we live.  The Indonesians don’t celebrate Halloween, so it makes it easier to skip with Christmas.  I’m looking forward to pulling Christmas out again next week!  What do you like to do for the holidays that is a little outside the box?  Is there something you have always wanted to do but never had the guts?  Well, do it!  Just tell people about the crazy lady you read about that puts up Christmas for Halloween!

I would love to hear your living out-of-the-box stories!  Comment below!

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