Do you make copywork a part of your homeschool?  I have to admit, for a long time I treated copywork as handwriting practice, or even the hated busy work!  There is so much more to copywork, and now that I know more about it, I use it for my kids.  I use it in my daily (or semi-daily) quiet time as well!  If you are not already utilizing this tool for your homeschool, check out these reasons it would be a great idea and jump in! 

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Benefits to adding Copywork and Dictation to your Homeschool

  • Handwriting practice – Although it’s not the only reason to do copywork, it is one of them!
  • Solidifying Punctuation Use – This really helps kids start noticing how punctuation is used correctly. It models it for them and over time, it becomes natural to use it.   I think practicing passages from the Bible is a great way to learn quotation marks!
  • Copywork/Dictation – Doing a combination of copywork/dictation gives a myriad of benefits. I love the way that Spelling You See combines spelling chunks, copywork, dictation and good sentence and paragraph development.  Book F is perfect to go along with our Ancient History study with our 5th grader.  SpellingYouSee Philosophy   
  • Memorization – Copywork is always a great way to internalize something you are trying to learn. If you copy a Bible verse every day for a week, you will most likely have it memorized.  Copywork forces you to slow down and focus on what you are copying, instead of speed reading a passage.
  • Cultivates Diligence and Pride – As they complete a passage, they feel a sense of pride in their work and it teaches diligence, completing something they start!
  • Develops Cursive Penmanship – There are so many neurological and physiological benefits to using cursive handwriting.  If you are interested, check out my post on The Great Cursive Debate
  • Exposure to Great Written Works – Depending on your choices for copywork, it can expose your children to everything from poetry, Bible passages, the classics, fairy tales, parables & fables, songs & nursery rhymes. 

Copywork Tips

  • Don’t do too much too fast! Pick out what you want to work on and choose a passage based on the age of the child and how much they can write in one sitting.  A great way to do this is to set the clock.  Only do 10 min. of copywork in one sitting. 
  • Choose a program that uses quality literature, or pick some out of your own library. If you choose copywork that is not quality, or uses a more modern tone rather than a correct writing structure, your child will end up copying that subpar style in their own writing. 
  • Don’t be afraid to do a passage more than once! Spelling You See does 1 passage each week and by the end of the week, the student has mastered the spelling and punctuation.  SpellingYouSee Programs 

What Kind of Copywork Do You Use?  Comment Below!

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