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I am very eclectic when I choose curriculum.  Even when I went with a boxed curriculum I supplemented with other things.  One of my favorite things about teaching is choosing curriculum that will fit the needs of the child.  There have been years when we started something I thought would be awesome, but it just didn’t work.  I would throw it out and try again.

This year I had a couple of goals in mind when I was choosing curriculum.  The first was that it would be engaging for my 5th grader and a little challenging.  Also, I needed something that she could do on her own as much as possible because I would have a 1 year old turning 2 during the year.  Many of my choices happened to go along with the choices that Timberdoodle had for this year, so I ordered many things there, with a few changes.

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Curriculum Choices 2017


  • Teaching Textbooks 5 & 6.  Because my daughter was not feeling challenged in math, she decided to start 5th grade over the summer and start 6 by Christmas.  This has been working out beautifully!  We love the format and she can do most of it herself.  It also keeps track of all her grades for me.  Visit Teaching Textbooks here.

Language Arts

    • Writing –Jump In A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers
    • Spelling – Spelling You See F – This is our first year doing this program and we are loving this format.  It is perfect for a child who hates doing word lists.
    • Grammar –Editor-In-Chief Level 1 – Learn grammar while focusing on proof-reading.
    • Vocabulary – Marie’s Words – Fantastic visual vocabulary flashcards
    • Reading – This year we are reading the American Girl Meet books and doing the Lapbooks along with them for reading.  When we are finished, we will continue reading different books along with Lapbooks.  The Kindle version has a free printable version as well.  American Girl Lapbooks  We also have a large stack of Read Alouds and Read Alone books.



  • Winter Promise Quest for the Ancients (I chose this program because it uses both Mystery of History & Story of the World, which I got the Listening CDs for instead of the books.  Along with the exclusive resources, it is making a really nice history program.)  WP Quest for the Ancient World

Thinking Skills, STEM, & Extras

Along with these curriculum choices, she does Bible, Piano, Indonesian Language, Cooking & Typing.  We don’t use a formal curriculum for any of these.

I would love to hear what you are doing this year!  What is working for you?  What is not going so well?  Leave a Comment!


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