“What is Fall?” my daughter asked.  My jaw dropped with surprise.  I grew up in an area that had 4 distinct seasons, and one bonus rainy season!  It never dawned on me that my children wouldn’t know the joys of changing weather, colorful leaves, and hot cocoa or cider. Growing up in a tropical country, they were missing out.  What was I to do?  

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I often feel a lot of guilt as a mom of 3 living overseas.  I often feel like I can’t provide my children with the same opportunities that they would have if we were back home in the U.S.  Of course, this is a lie that I continually have to fight against.  It still makes it a little more difficult when I want to teach them something special, like fall, or buy them something they normally don’t get.  
When you don’t have a library or bookstores around, your research has to get creative.  I found some awesome Kindle choices on Amazon!  There are so many cute children’s books available, so I made a list for you.  I find it is more fun when the work is done for me.   The first one in this set is actually a puzzle! 
I’ve noticed that Halloween can be a very touchy subject for Christians the last few years.  I never met anyone that didn’t celebrate Halloween when I was a kid!  Our family doesn’t celebrate it now, and I tend to decorate for Christmas on Halloween anyway!  I know, it’s a little crazy, but you can read more about my yearly tradition HERE.  
I found this book when my kids started asking about Halloween.  It does a great job explaining everything in a way I could never do!
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