We have made it through the first week of Advent!  This week we get to light the 2nd candle and study a new part to God’s Greatest gift!  Celebrate with me as we begin Week 2!

Family AdventCelebration wk2

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Review of Week 1:

As you light the first purple candle, you can remember that it is the Promise Candle that gives us Hope.  Remember that long before Jesus was born God gave us the promise of His Messiah.  He also gave us prophesies that would guide us in knowing when the Messiah arrived.  This brings hope to our hearts.  (To read the first week of this year’s Advent Celebration, Click Here.)

Week 2: The Bethlehem Candle Reminds us to Have Faith

As we light the second purple candle we think about Bethlehem, the little town where Jesus was born.  We think about the Faith that Mary and Joseph had to travel to that town, even though Mary was about to have a baby!  

Read Luke 2:1-5

  • Who were the political leaders mentioned in this passage?
  • What did Caesar Agustus’ decree say should be done?
  • Where did Joseph have to travel to? Click Here to see a map of Israel. Look at how far Mary and Joseph had to go to get to Bethlehem from Nazareth.
  • Why did Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem?  Why did Mary go with him?

 Listen to these songs:

O Little Town of Bethlehem by Jeremy Camp

O Little Town by Matt Redman

Pray Together:

Lord, Thank you for giving us stories to grow our faith.  Help us to have the kind of faith that Mary and Joseph had when they obeyed by being willing to be the Messiah’s parents and when they and went to Bethlehem.  Help us to have faith to do what you ask us to do.  Amen.


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Here are some more options for Advent Readings!  You can also check out the options listed in Week 1 as well!  

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