Christmas is almost here!  Have you felt the excitement mount each week?  Are you ready to celebrate the coming of the Savior of the World?  Let’s dive in to Week 4 and Christmas Eve, my favorite night of advent.

Advent Week 2

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Advent Candle Review

  1. The Promise Candle is the reminder that we can have HOPE that God will fulfill all his promises!
  2. The Bethlehem Candle reminds us of the FAITH that Mary & Joseph had as they traveled to Bethlehem and became the Earthly parents of Jesus.  it encourages us to have more FAITH.
  3. The Shepherds Candle is pink for the JOY that the shepherds had, and that we have, for the Good News that the Savior of the World was born!

(Do you need some more Christmas Carols in your home?  Here are some ideas! )

Week 4: The Angel Candle of Peace

Seeing a “Great multitude of the Heavenly Host” has got to be one of the greatest sights ever seen!  Our fourth purple candle we light in honor of the angels in the Christmas Story.  Angels came to Mary, to Joseph in a dream, and finally to the shepherds in the field.  Even after Jesus’ birth, an angel symbolizes PEACE.  They came to bring “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.”  

Read Matthew 1:18-24 & Luke 2:8-14

  • What did it mean that Joseph was “faithful to the law”? 
  • In the Jewish law, a woman that was pregnant before she was married should be stoned, so why was Joseph just going to “divorce her quietly”?  
  • What changed Joseph’s mind and got him to marry Mary?
  • What was different between Mary’s and Joseph’s encounter with an angel?
  • What did the angels sing to the shepherds?

Listen to these songs:

Angels We Have Heard on High by the Piano Guys

The First Noel by Pentatonix

Pray Together:

Lord, You knew from the beginning that we would need Your peace.  You made a plan to bring peace to the earth and you used your heavenly angels to share the news.  Thank you for this perfect plan.  Thank you for bringing peace to our hearts in a world that can be crazy. Help us to be a beacon of peace to those around us!  Amen


Christmas Eve or Christmas Day- The Christ Candle

As you light the Christ Candle remember the manger, the stable and the hay.  Remember the star bright above, shining down on the true Light of the World!  

Read John 1:1-14

  • Who is the first part of this passage talking about and how do you know?
  • Why is Jesus considered the “true light that gives light to everyone?”  What is the light?
  • What do we have the right to become if we believe in Christ Jesus?
  • Explain what verse 14 means?

Listen to these songs:

Away in a Manger by Home Free

Silent Night by Jackie Evancho

Pray Together:

Lord, Thank you for giving us a savior!  He came into the world in a humble stable to bring your peace and love.  His birth is only the beginning of His story and your perfect plan to save us from our sins.  Thank you for your perfect plan!  May we never forget what you gave so that we might have a chance to live forever with You!  Amen


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