Meet the Kincaids!

Introducing the Kincaid Family! 

This special family has done mission work in so many different places.  You will love learning about Todd, Christie, Michael, Adam & Madison and the work they currently do in Rome, Italy!  


Introduce your family to us.

I married my husband, Todd on August 17, 1991.  For the past 26 years we have lived in 5 countries, serving as missionaries in 4 of them: Haiti, France, Uganda, and Italy (currently living in the Rome area).  Todd served for 11 years in our home state of Ohio as pastor of a church.  We have three children: Michael, age 22; Adam, age 18; and Madison, age 12.  We have one child awaiting us in heaven; I had a miscarriage in 2002.

Michael lives in the US.  He was 19 when we left for Italy.  He was going to University, but he has made a decision to go back to Uganda for five months of training with the YWAM Discipleship Training School.  He will do that in 2018.

Adam is in his senior year of high school; he will graduate in May, and he may go back to Uganda for his senior trip.  He was actually born there, on Uganda’s Independence Day, in 1999.

Madison is currently in 6th grade.  She is my creative child, and she loves animals.


Why is your family living in a different country other than your home country?

We work with immigrants and refugees in Rome.  They come from many different countries in Africa and Asia.  We have a Center in Rome, and we do various activities (like Italian/English lessons) to help the immigrants/refugees assimilate into the culture and also to see the love of Jesus at work.
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What has been the best part of living overseas?

The best part has been to see the world and its various cultures and people.  God made us all different, and He has given us a love for people.  It has helped us to realize that we need to reach out to people and see their needs and their differences.

What has been the hardest part of living overseas?

Missing our family and friends is the hardest part of living away—especially missing our son, Michael.


What is your children’s favorite thing to do in the country you now live?

Adam loves to play basketball.  He sometimes gets with his friends to play soccer as well.

Madison loves to ride horses; she has a weekly riding lesson.  She also loves to play with her cat and her rabbit.

What homeschool curriculum have you found that works for your family and why do you like it?

We use ABeka curriculum.  We have been using it since 2013.  I traditionally homeschool Madison through ABeka Book homeschool curriculum.  For Adam we chose to use the ABeka Academy for high school.  He has excellent teachers who are qualified in every course, plus all of his transcripts come from the school.  It is much easier to handle that way, as he prepares for college.

What piece of advice do you have for women around the world who are homeschooling?

My best advice is to follow God’s leading for your children.  He gave them to you for a reason, and you care about your children more than anyone else.  You know your children’s needs, and you will care the most about their character and their education.  Follow God’s leading, not the opinions of others.


Do you have any prayer requests you’d like to share?

Our family is looking for a home closer to Rome.  We are a bit remote from our church and our work right now.  We would like to have better access to public transportation and our friends and co-workers.  It is difficult to rent a suitable place in the city.

Do you have anything special to share?

I would just like for people to know that Christ sent His people into the world to make disciples of all nations. If we want to serve others, we must ask God to give us a heart to do that.  I want our family to love God so much that His love flows freely out of us to others.  I want to light up this world with the light of Jesus.  We can win the world that way!


To Keep up with the Kincaid Family and their ministry,  you can go to  their website here, or you can Follow them on facebook at End of the Earth Network, where they post pictures, videos, and updates of their work. 

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