History and Bible are two of my most favorite things to teach.  I usually integrate Bible into many different subjects, but there is a time to sit down and really study it with the help of great resources.  History is one of the easiest things to integrate with Bible.  That is why I put these two together.  Many of the resources listed here today combine Bible and History.

You will find links for history & Bible resources that homeschool moms from the Teach Me Joy community have used and loved.  I have used many of the same resources that the other moms voted for.  You will find some great options here!

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If you don’t see your favorite History or Bible Resource here, make sure you comment below and tell us why you like it!  

Teach Me Joy Options

Walk Through Wars Series was designed for 5th – 8th graders, but it can easily be adapted for older or younger students, based on book choices.  It is a series of unit studies that covers history, literature, writing & creative thinking.  It is designed to encourage independent learning.  

In each unit study you will find:

  • Note Taking

  • Writing a Bibliography

  • Writing an Outline

  • Writing a Research Paper, a Historical Fiction Memoir, Newspaper, or Persuasive Paper  (Each unit is different!) 

  • Reading a Historical Fiction Novel & Completing a Simple Book Report

  • Creating an Interactive Notebook

Hall of Heroes (K5-2nd) – Your child will explore all the different heroes from the Bible, Science, History and more in Hall of Heroes 

Fruit for Tender Hearts (K3-K5) – Bible, Math, Reading & Phonics, Science, Skill Development & Calendar Time make a well-rounded curriculum while teaching the Fruit of the Spirit.  It comes in cursive and manuscript versions.

History Resource Options

Mystery of History

“Volume 1 worked really well for my oldest 2 – they loved it, took two years & read through most of the supplemental book suggestions. I like the way it’s written & simple activities/ quizzes/ reviews. Multi- level ( a MUST w/ 6 students now). Volume 2 has been more challenging because of changing family demographics, but followed chronological history like I wanted. Guest Hollow uses this book for spine also, but adds lots of extra books & movies that are fun & especially helpful for my boys.”

“We loved using Mystery of History.  We used the CDs to listen to while coloring and it worked so well.  The whole family can absorb the information!”

“I like the worldview. The map and history line are great but if I don’t have time I can skip it and still read the stories. I have made so many connections that I didn’t know. (I had not learned history chronologically. So I didn’t realize which things happened at the same time.)”

“Comes from a Biblical perspective, short reading, lots of different activities you can choose from to add interest.”

Story of the World

“Love the way this is presented as stories. It makes it so interesting and accessible for children and helps them remember it.”

“It is straightforward, engaging, lessons use a multi-sensory approach where there is a compilation of questions, narration exercises, reading lists (for both history and literature), map work, coloring pages, and activities to accompany each section of the text.”

Girls of American History Unit studies based on AG books & time periods.  

“I have used several of these units for my daughter.  We love digging into the AG stories.  This is just perfect for her!”

Historical Stories of SurvivalUnit studies based on the “I Survived” book series.

Notgrass History

“Beautifully illustrated; up-to-date; can be taught independently or together with multi-ages; weekly hands on activity that often includes the whole family from recipes to skits etc. Teaches one day a week about an amazing landmark God has created. I have learned so much myself. It doesn’t spend hours and hours memorizing dates and people but covers a ton of material. It also includes what life was like doing that time frame in history, writing assignments, voc. work, etc.”

“We’ve enjoyed reading From Adam to Us aloud and the simple worksheets, time line, and project ideas that are included.”

“Notgrass does a great job of combining Bible and history. (I couldn’t give Notgrass top honors for best overall curriculum because our oldest daughter’s chief complaint is that she doesn’t like the books they choose for the literature arm of the curriculum. The books selected for the literature portion are extremely challenging for early high school (which is when she was reading them) and they can be a bit “classic and dull.”

Bible Curriculum & Resources

Gospel Truths for the Family by Jeremy Conrad

“This book was developed by a devoted father looking for a way to share the truths of the Gospel message in a way any age could understand.  So many things in our culture today water down The Truth.  This book does a beautiful job explaining it.  The illustrations are beautiful and powerful.  It is a must-have resource for any family’s Bible Time!”

We Choose Virtues

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“This is by far my favorite Bible virtues resource.  It does a fantastic job of teaching 12 different virtues in a way that is engaging and memorable.  I used the elementary set when my kids were young and last year we started using the teen/tween set.  It was worth every penny I spent!”

Apologia’s What We Believe Series

From the Apologia Website:  “Our children are bombarded on a daily basis with competing messages. Every song, movie, book, TV show, blog, and game is full of ideas—ideas about truth, morality, beauty, identity, faith, and more. Not all of these ideas are true. Some are wrong, some are deceptive, and some are outright destructive. Young children must be equipped to discern among competing ideas and stand firm in the truth. “

These 4 books will help lay the foundation for your kids as they grasp what truth is and God’s plan for them.

*Also see the iWitness Series from Apologia.

Sound Words Theology for Kids

“I like the way it presents what we as Christians believe. It uses some catechism questions and lots of memory verses.”

“It helped us to work through the Gospel in detail with our kids. 4 Units. All about God; All about creation; All about the fall; All about salvation. Lot of scripture memorization too.”


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