Homeschool Thursday is brought to you by Homeschool Blogging & Homeschool Blogger Network!

This year’s Homeschool Thursday is being celebrated by giving EACH OF YOU a HUGE bundle of homeschool curriculum and resources from your favorite homeschool brands and bloggers valued at over $800!} This FREE bundle is ONLY available for 5 days…after Monday 12/4/17, it is gone for EVER!

The way this bundle works is a bit different…it’s more of a curriculum and resources library. When you fill out the form requesting access to the bundle, you are automatically redirected to the library page where you can pick and choose which items you would like to download. This is great because that means you aren’t filling up storage on your device with items that you will never use. Simply download the products that you want and forget the rest! You can download as many or as few products as you would like…but once you see the amazingness included in this bundle, I KNOW you’re going to want it all!

Teach Me Joy is a contributor this year and has included the Hall of Heroes complete curriculum for K5-2nd! You won’t want to miss it!

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