I was in complete shock!  We had just gotten my 7th grader’s standardized tests back.  Now, I always take these tests with a grain of salt, but being in the 8th percentile in spelling is LOW no matter how you look at it!  After questioning my son to find out if he actually tried to do his best, we came to the conclusion that he really couldn’t spell.  How did I miss this?  My heart was wrapped in a blanket of guilt.  Now what was I going to do?!


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The Research

I was a little nervous as I started searching for something that was going to help us.  At this point, I needed to start from the beginning to fill in the holes in his learning.  I also needed something that wasn’t babyish or didn’t make him feel stupid.  

This was NOT going to be easy!  

After spending many hours combing the internet for ideas, I landed on one that had some potential.  We decided to jump in and try a program from All About Learning Press called All About Spelling.  

All About Spelling Saved Us!

All About Spelling takes the struggle out of spelling.  It uses many different learning styles to create a program that can work with a wide range of children.  The cool thing is, it didn’t make my son feel young.  Yes, it was easy at first, but even in Level 1 we found holes and rules that needed to be learned.  

We started our journey with level 1 and spent a little less than 1 year speeding through Spelling Levels 1-4, filling in learning gaps along the way.  We will be using the next 3/4 of this year trying to work through Level 7.  We are working on Level 5 right now, and we have finally had to slow down and take more time with each lesson.  

Needless to say, I am completely thrilled with how this program has worked for us.  I would recommend it to anyone who needs a remedial program, or anyone who is beginning their spelling journey.  I wish I had known about this years ago.  If I had, we would not have any spelling issues!  

AAL Letter Tiles App

This is what the website has to say about All About Spelling:

     Powerful teaching methods are at the center of All About Spelling.

  • Multisensory approach makes it easy for kids to understand
  • Built-in review system helps learning stick
  • Kids look forward to spelling lessons because of the motivating, hands-on activities
  • This mastery-based, building block program works with kids who have learning disabilities as well as those who do not
  • Our explicit teaching helps students succeed
  • 7 levels of comprehensive spelling instruction
  • Words are broken down using colored squares to engage multiple senses and make reading fun
  • Building block progression allows even children with learning disabilities to learn rapidly
  • 1-Year, 100% money-back guarantee with lifetime support

What does a lesson include?

Every level of AAS has a similar structure, but it gets more intense as you progress through each level.  By the time you get to level 5, you will see several activities for each lesson.  All of it is included in the awesome open-and-go Teacher’s Manual.

  1. Lesson Objective & items you will need.
  2. Card Review – Including Phonogram, Sound, Key, & Word Cards.
  3. New Teaching
  4. Rule Breakers
  5. Spelling on Paper
  6. Dictation & Writing Station

Giving this program a try would be beneficial for anyone!  I am confident you will not be sorry if you decide to go for it!

What is Your favorite Spelling Curriculum?

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All About Spelling

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