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The #1 Item I must have at the beginning of every school year is a good COFFEE MUG!  A regular mug doesn’t do it.  I have to reheat my coffee 5 times before I finish.  Who wants to do that?!  I have found that a good stainless steel mug is the best for nursing that cup of awesome coffee all morning long.  You can get a name brand cup, like YETI, which definitely work.  Or you can get something almost as good, but much cuter.  I tend to enjoy cuter cups myself.  (Click below to see some of these options)







Next on my must have list is a portable paper trimmer.  These save so much time when trimming straight edges for projects!  This is the one I bought just this year.  (click to see pricing)


There are so many options for pocket charts today, and they are not used just for little ones.  I have one to put worksheets, file folders, pocket folders and even workbooks.  You can use one of these instead of bookshelf space, or in a work box style of learning.  It also fits on the back of a door, which keeps it out of the way.  The one below is the one I use, and I like it because it has a little spot to label each pocket and it gives you 12 pockets.  Many of the other ones only have 10.  Don’t forget Command Strip Hooks to easily hang your pocket chart!








I have used my personal laminator over and over again.  It is so nice to have if I am doing flashcards that I want to use all year, checklists, or anything that I want to use a dry erase marker on, like worksheets.  I consider it a great investment!  (click below for some examples)

50 Sheets 5 ml thick
50 sheets 3 ml thick






The right printer makes all the difference in the world.  The best printer I have ever had I found in Asia and I haven’t been able to locate one in the U.S.  If you are interested in looking, this is the one I have.  (Click Here)  This printer uses a built-in continuous ink system.  You don’t have to buy cartridges and the ink wells last almost forever!  If you are still interested in a continuous ink system, you can still get one for your printer!  We actually used one before we bought this one.  Check out these ink systems here.  Just find the one that goes with your specific printer and check YouTube for a tutorial.

Continuous Ink Systems

#6 – #12

Here is a picture list of all my favorite small office supplies!  Just click on the various links.









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