Meet the Buxtons!

Marc and Jessica Buxton live with their 3 beautiful children in Manila, Philippines.

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Introduce Your Family to Us!

We are a family of five. I have two boys and a girl who are 8, 6, & 4. My boys are your average boys busy and dirty and a little crazy. My girl is all girl. A lover of all things pink and sparkly.
We are church planting missionaries. My husband, Marc, and I planted a church 5 years ago in an area called Marikina (part of the greater Metro Manila area). We have been on the field for 8 years. We also work with a group of missionaries called Global Surge who works throughout Southeast Asia. We work with a Bible College and many other ministries.

What Kind of Schooling do Your Children Have? 

We are currently homeschooling.  We use a mix of different curriculum. I have started all of my kids with the Abeka kindergarten videos (because I just don’t have the patience to teach all that repetition) and then transition to other things after that. Right now we are using Sonlight for Language arts for my 3rd grader and reading for my 3rd and 1st graders. We are using The Mystery of History and Apologia Astronomy for our science. For math we are using Abeka for both boys. We are using Spelling Power for our spelling and A Reason for Handwriting for our writing. We just completed Grapevine Studies (stick figuring through the Bible) New Testament overview and now working on My Brothers Keeper by Kim Sorgius.
The Mystery of History Series
Homeschool Science for Elementary Grades Astronomy

What has been the best part of living overseas?

We love living in another culture and being exposed to the world. Our kids are very resilient and have made friends and love playing with the neighborhood kids. We love being here, mostly because this is where God has us and we believe this is where we are supposed to be.

What has been the hardest part of living overseas?

Not having as much access to homeschooling resources and co-ops. We generally love living overseas but of course there are challenges for us. Its the traffic of the big city that can wear on you the most.
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Do You Have a Funny Story About Living Overseas?

One story that we always go back to is when we first got to the Philippines and we were able to go out on a date night.  My husband ordered a burger, but he requested that it just have cheese and ketchup. The waitress looked at him for a second, wrote it down, and walked away.  A few minutes later she came back and asked, “Sir,  just want to confirm that you want just cheese and ketchup on your burger?” My husband answered, “Yes, just cheese and ketchup.”  She left our table again and went to talk to the manager who we could see in the back area. Finally, the manager came to our table and looked at my husband and said, “Sir, you want the burger with just cheese and ketchup but what about the patty?”  We, of course, started laughing and confirmed that he would like the burger with the patty and cheese and ketchup. We laugh about that day on a regular basis.

What would you tell other families moving overseas?

Find the best part of where you re going and focus on that. Life is full of difficult things so try and find the good in it and the hard things won’t seem as hard. Also, you may be surprised to find many things that you love about moving overseas that you may have thought of as a difficult thing in the beginning. Have and open mind and heart.  This could be a huge adventure for your family.

What are your prayer requests or praises for the prayer warriors out there?

We, of course, always appreciate any prayer for our family. Right now we are still in the adoption process with our daughter. Praying that it will be completed before the end of 2019 would be huge. We are parents just like other parents, so we could use wisdom in raising our kids in a cross cultural setting.

Want to keep up with the Buxton Family?

Check out the Buxton Family website!  You can find out more about their ministry at Global Surge.  
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