Meet the Wamunyima Family!

Banks & Claire live in Zambia with their little bundle of joy!

Family Introductions

“My name is Claire Wamunyima Taramarcaz I have double nationality: Swiss and British. I grew up in Switzerland and lived in the UK a couple of years in my 20s. I now live in Zambia since August 2017.  I am married to a Zambian and we do sports ministry in his home town.”

Why do you live in Zambia?

“Banks is a Zambian man passionate about sports and about sharing the gospel. I joined him in the adventure and we got married in June 2017, moved to Zambia and started ministry together the following August. We are reaching out to children through sport.  As a social worker, I oversee the home visits and school support and my husband oversees the sport training and spiritual teaching. We now have a new addition to our family since the birth of our son in December 2018.”

What is your kids schooling like in Zambia?

“At the moment he is just a few months old but we are planning to start with home schooling through primary school and we might move back to Switzerland or to the UK when he reaches higher grades.”
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What has been the best part of living overseas?

The best part is the contact we have with the children we work with, seeing them flourish as the months go by, and witness the joy they have when we are able to put them back to school through the generosity of sponsors we can find. For my son I would guess the best part is not having to put so many layers of clothes and blankets on!”

What has been the hardest part of living overseas?

“My son was born in the Swiss winter and moved to Zambia when he was 2 months old. He struggled with heat. We had to shave his beautiful baby curls and invest in an aircon (air conditioner).”
“For me the biggest challenge is that the streets are not safe for a white woman to wander around by herself.  I miss the freedom of going for a walk or a run to wind down and keep in shape. My husband is local but he faces a lot of criticism for not taking the opportunity to leave this poor country and make a better living for himself and the family that would remain behind.”

What would you tell other families moving overseas?

“I’m not sure I have enough hindsight necessary to give the best advice but i would say be open for adventures. Today’s challenges will make tomorrow’s greater stories! And also don’t delay to join a local church, sports club or whatever you are into and is available in you new town to make some connections with local people.”

Do you have a fun story to share?

“After visiting some friends, my husband and I stopped at the market to get some vegetables. The ladies selling there would absolutely not believe we were married as mixed couples are extremely rare in town. They thought my husband was my employee. We had to take our wedding photo album out of my backpack that we took to show our friends earlier to prove to them we weren’t lying! My son will grow up as one of a kind in the area! He already attracts a lot of attention and some families have brought the name of their daughters to our attention for future arrainged marriage!”

What are your prayer requests or praises for the prayer warriors out there?

“For our ministry, the Project Cyrus.  Our finances, because we want 100 children sponsored back to school this year.  We need a vehicle to enable us to start a sport program in a second community. We would also love to be able to pay salary to the coaches who have been volunteering with us for over a year.”

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