Meet the Weatherlys!

Adam and Bethany live and work with their son in Spain!

Family Introductions

Bethany’s passport country is the USA.  “I grew up in Togo, West Africa, went to college in the USA and now live in Spain.”  Her husband, Adam is American.  They have one 5 year old son, Caleb, and one on the way!

Why do you live in Spain?

My family works with a media ministry here in Spain. We are focused on created video spots, dramas and docudramas for North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Currently we are working on a series of docudramas about the Christians Heritage of North Africa in the first few centuries AD.
Specifically my husband does graphic design and photography and I do the book keeping at our ministry.

What do you do for school and how do you help your son adjust to life in Spain?

My son goes to a public Spanish school. After this year I plan to move him to an English school.
Helping our son adjust is one I am still working on. It’s been a challenge to be sure. I was 7 when I became and MK and honestly don’t remember the struggles, my son was 4 when we moved here and has had a much harder transition. All I can say is that we try to keep our family close and have lots of family time when we can. 
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What has been the best part of living overseas?

The best part is being able to met all kinds of people and see all kinds of historical sites. For my son I think giving him a much wider worldview at a young age is the best part.

What has been the hardest part of living overseas?

The language barrier has been the hardest for my family, and my son.

What would you tell other families moving overseas?

Expect hardships, even for young children who you think may not even notice the difference. Make a family night that everyone looks forward to (eg each Friday is pizza and movie night at our house), no matter how hard the week, everyone knows that relaxing time is coming. Also some great advice that was given to us is “don’t force the host language at home”, children should feel safe and comfortable at home.

Do you have a special testimony to share?

Many who grew up overseas seem to be damaged. As hard as it can be growing up on the other side of the World, it has shaped me and I feel so incredibly lucky to have seen so much of the world. God is moving inn every part of the earth in different ways, and it is such a privilege to see it happen!

What are your prayer requests or praises for the prayer warriors out there?

We have lost two babies in the past, one at 33 weeks (3 years ago) and one at 8 weeks just months ago. I am currently pregnant and would just like prayer for a healthy pregnancy and peace of mind.

Want to keep up with the Weatherly Family?

Check out the Weatherly Family Website!  You can find out more about their family by following their Facebook page, ShowingTheWorld.
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