Walk Through Wars: 6 Unit Bundle


You need a history unit that will take away the pain of studying!  Help your child walk through different time periods by focusing on different wars.  They won’t even know that they are learning important skills like note-taking, writing, critical thinking, and reading for knowledge.


Walk Through Wars Series was designed for 5th – 8th graders. Although, it can easily be adapted for older or younger students, based on book choices.  It is a series of unit studies that covers history, literature, writing & creative thinking.  It is designed to encourage independent learning.  Each unit can be gone through at your own pace, depending on reading level, how many resources are chosen, and how deep you want to go into each research project.

In each unit study you will find:

  • Note Taking
  • Writing a Bibliography
  • Writing an Outline
  • Writing a Research Paper, a Historical Fiction Memoir, Newspaper, Persuasive Paper, or Biography. (Each unit focuses on a different writing style.) 
  • Reading a Historical Fiction Novel & Completing a Simple Book Report
  • Creating an Interactive Notebook
Units Included: Unit 1: The American Revolution
                                 Unit 2: The Civil War
                                 Unit 3: World War I
                                 Unit 4: World War II
                                 Unit 5: Korean & Vietnam Wars
                                 Unit 6: The Cold War & Desert Storm



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