Walk Through Wars: The American Revolution


Walk Through Wars Series

Unit 1: The American Revolution



Walk Through Wars Series: The American Revolution is a historical unit study set on different wars.  5th-8th graders will benefit from this the most, but you can modify it with book choices!

The American Revolution Unit covers history, literature, writing & creative thinking.  Encourage independent learning in your students.  Go through each unit at your own pace or use the 6 week schedule that is included!

Skills Found in Unit 1: 

  • Note Taking
  • Learning how to write a Bibliography
  • Creating an Outline
  • Writing a Research Paper
  • Reading a Historical Fiction Novel & Completing a Simple Book Report
  • Creating an Interactive Notebook 

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*You can view a suggested resource list by clicking the picture link below.  I suggest using at least one non-fiction resource book and one to two historical fiction novels for each unit as a minimum.  Resources for the Mini-Unit are also found in this list.


Also Available!  Unit 2: The Civil War

                                   Unit 3: World War I



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