We live in an isolated mountain town on a 3rd world tropical island that is only accessible by air.  Needless to say there aren’t many options when it comes to birthdays!  I try very hard every year to make birthdays special and when my daughter wanted a “snow” themed birthday, I was determined to make it happen.


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The first order of business was how on earth I was going to get snow.  Thanks to my mom sending me a birthday box, and quick shipping from Amazon, we had clear plastic icicles, foam snowflakes, and even fake snowballs for the occasion! 

We used the snowballs to play all kinds of games, from relays, over under, shooting into different baskets worth different points, and an old fashioned snowball fight.  I printed out snowman outlines on the computer and had each child decorate them with pompoms, stickers, paint, and markers.  The girls had so much fun and every one of them commented on how awesome it was to play with snow! 

And it wouldn’t be a snow themed birthday party be without an Olaf Cupcake Birthday Cake! She was so excited to see Olaf come together, and even helped a little bit.    

Now you can even find fake snow to make at home.  Did you know that stuff actually feels cold?!  Its a lot more fun than spraying it out of a can.  

The FAVORITE Snow Game:

A simple game that we played turned out to be a lot of fun!  We ended up doing several different rounds. 

  1. Place different size containers, buckets, or baskets around the room.  
  2. Label each one with points, the little ones being worth more than the big ones.
  3. Stand behind a couch or line and try to throw the fake snow balls into the baskets.  We did this in teams, and everyone on one team threw at the same time.  
  4. The one with the most points wins!
We also did fake snowball relay races that were a blast!  There are so many fun things you can do with fake snowballs, even have an old-fashioned snowball fight!

What are your favorite party memories where you live? 

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