Who in their right mind would try to teach cursive AND manuscript to a child at the same time?  Sounds crazy, right?  I would have agreed with you years ago, but I’ve learned a few things that have completely changed my mind.  

How open-minded are you when it comes to trying something new with your children?  What I’m going to share with you might not rock your world, but it may change your mind!  

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Why Would I Want to Teach Both Manuscript and Cursive Together?

I was determined to teach my own children cursive first.  I had an education background and educational therapy certification that both said I needed to go that route.  I developed the handwriting course I wanted to use and went to work.  It was successful!  I felt so amazing that my child knew cursive and actually had great handwriting at an early age until my ultimate teacher/mom fail.  

We were in a public situation where my 2nd grade son was asked to print something, and he couldn’t do it.  It was so awkward!  That was 7 years ago, but that was when I started asking the questions.  

Why wouldn’t teaching cursive and manuscript together work?  Is there a scientific reason for teaching the two several years apart?  How could you do it without overwhelming the child?  What would a program like that look like?


Well, I am happy to say that after years of pondering, and more crazy experiences like the one I mentioned above, I have found the answer!  

It is called The Joy of Handwriting Success.  It is a handwriting course that takes my cursive, my manuscript, and the NEW dual program and fits them all together to give you the most complete handwriting program out there!  

How Does Teaching a Dual Program Work?  

I’m glad you asked!  My program uses a basic set of steps that can be taught at multiple ages and abilities.  There are suggestions for simple modifications if your child needs more help or even a little less.  If you’d like to see first hand my method of teaching handwriting, sign up below for my free tips sheet.  Then come back and check out The Joy of Handwriting Success Course!

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