My kids always get way too much stuff for Christmas!  Sometimes it’s my own fault.  I love to give my children fun things that they will enjoy, but sometimes a good thing isn’t always beneficial!  I am finally wising up a little bit.  This year I went in search of items that the kids would LOVE, but would have an educational benefit as well.  Let me share some of the things that I found!  

Note:  I didn’t buy all of this, since we have to pick and choose, but you know your own kids and some of this might be right up their alley!

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1.  Sphero SPRK+

This awesome little robot has so many educational possibilities!  Timberdoodle actually has it included as a tool in one of their curriculum packages as a STEM item.  (I am not an affiliate for this item, so I don’t get anything extra for promoting it.  It’s just something that I think is great!)  

This is what Timberdoodle says about Sphero SPRK+ on their site:

“What programmable robot do you know that is super durable and can withstand dog jaws, kicks from toddlers, and adventures in the high seas? Sphero SPRK+ is more than a remote-control toy, though its precision is amazing; more than a source of multiplayer electronic games, though you’ll be missing out if you don’t investigate at least some of them; and more than a hand-held controller for app-based games.”

I don’t have permission to post a picture here, but if you’d like to read more about this, the best price I found is on Timberdoodle! There are also a bunch of accessories that make it even MORE awesome!

2.  OSMO

My daughter absolutely LOVES Osmo!  She is 10 and she still loves to play these games.  They have so many options available now and it covers such a wide range of ages.  When my daughter grows out of it, my little one will take over the fun!  

There are so many options now, with games for math, reading, coding, drawing, puzzles and more!  They even have bases for ipad and iphone now!  

Here are some of the different options available:

3.  Educational Games

Is your budget a little smaller than some of the more expensive electronic games?  Don’t worry!  There are so many options out there!  Here are a few options that you might want to check out!  

4.  STEM Projects

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Finally, educators have seen the importance of training children at a young age to excel at these subjects often left to higher education.  Introducing your children to these topics in a fun way can spark their interest for future study of these subjects.  STEM Projects can be anything from a cheaper game or small project to something that costs hundreds.  You may be surprised how reasonably priced STEM projects can be!

Below are some options for STEM projects.  I put the Amazon logo on these so you could see prices here, but Timberdoodle also has a lot of STEM ideas!  Introducing your child to some of these activities can show you which direction to take their learning in the future!

5.  Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Ok, this one just looked way too cool to leave off!  If you have a Star Wars fan in your house, this could be a BIG Hit!  

Some of the Features include:
  • Award-winning: Winner of 6 toy awards, including Good Housekeeping & TTPM.
  • Complete Droid Kit: Includes all electronic blocks, Droid parts, 9V battery, and free app.
  • Missions & challenges: 16+ missions come in the app so kids can teach their Droid new skills.
  • Customizable: Missions help kids get creative, inventing new Droids & giving them personality.
  • No grown-ups necessary: Kids can easily assemble with step-by-step, in-app instructions.
  • Inspires invention: All electronic blocks can be rearranged so the Droid can perform new tasks.

(Click on the Droid Below to See More)

You really can’t go wrong with some of these educational toys!  Your kids can still have hours of fun and you can have peace of mind that they are actually developing their brain in the process!  

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