The results are in!  We have a list of this year’s curriculum choices.  If you have read some of my previous posts, you will learn that I love curriculum.  I love planning and choosing what is going to work for each year.  It is quite a process.  This year I am going completely eclectic and I think you will enjoy some of my TOP PICKS!  


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Bible Top Picks

  1. We Choose Virtues is a fantastic program that teaches children 12 different character virtues in a fun way that they can remember. I used the program for kids in previous years, and this year we are doing the Teen/Tween program!
  2. Not Consumed has a series of Bible studies that you can get for kids-youth.  I plan on using several of her studies this year, including My Brother’s Keeper, Do Right: Learning to Make Wise Choices in the Face of Temptation, and The Fruit of the Tongue.

Math Top Picks

  1. Teaching Textbooks 7th grade and Pre-Algebra is my Top Pick for my daughter.  We love the way she can work through it on her own.
  2. Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Set we will use with my son who likes the literature based approach and easy to grasp daily lessons.

Science Top Picks

  1. God’s Design for Science is a great Science program by Answers in Genesis.  My daughter will be doing Machines & Motion as well as Inventions & Technology.  Both of these classes are available on SKrafty Online Education with Minecraft
  2. Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Set includes Physics, Biology, & Economics!  A great 2 for 1 curriculum!

History Top Picks

  1. My son wanted to study Wars this year for history.  I had an idea of how I wanted him to learn, so I designed my own series called Walk Through Wars.  The American Revolution is published, with the others coming right behind.  You can check out this series HERE!
  2. American Girl History is a very fun way to learn history!  We use the Girls of American History as well as the classes on SKrafty to make a well-rounded program with the AG Books!  

Language Arts Top Picks

  1. All About Spelling & Spelling Power are my Top picks for spelling.  We have been using All About Spelling as a remedial program and are thrilled with the results!
  2. Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has some really great writing programs.  My daughter is doing their Rockets, Radar, & Robotics program.
  3. Our 6th grade literature is Novel Unit Studies.  
  4. For 8th grade language arts my mother, Vivian, is teaching my son long distance.  (She is an amazing teacher at a private school in Texas, but she taught overseas for 12 years in an international school.)  She has a couple of different products in the Teach Me Joy Store!
  5. Grammar Revolution teaches grammar through diagramming.  I love diagramming and even have some Basic Diagramming Posters in my store!

Elective Top Picks

  1. Robotics with Lego Mindstorm EV3 Kit
  2. Foundations in Personal Finance – Middle School Edition by Dave Ramsey
  3.  Indonesian
  4. IQ & Thinking Games
Here are some of our favorite IQ & Thinking Games!

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