It’s fall, but not on our tropical island!  What do you do when you want to have a sledding party, but there is no snow and no sleds?!  

  1.  Find a big grassy hill, 

  2. Grab as much cardboard as you can, 

  3. Load up a pick-up truck with all your friends!  

Tropical Sledding_

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Whether you live in a foreign country, or in a neighborhood, sometimes you need to be creative and find things to do outside!  In these days of technology and sedentary lifestyles, finding things to do outside or with friends can be a major life change for a child.  Make sure you don’t let the seasons change what you decide to do! 

Do you need to have a Striker Beach Volleyball tournament in the snow?  Go for it!  Do you need to go sledding in the summer?  Go for it!  Do you need to have a snow party in the tropics?  Do it!  Sometimes it takes a little creativity, but I know that you can reach back to your childhood days with me when we could come up with great games, even if we only used an old tin can!  

These are some fun things I found that you can keep close at hand for those outside play moments, or take with you overseas to have things to play!  (Check out the YouTube links below for game ideas!)

Pictures by Debbie Klynstra

10 YouTube Outdoor Game Links!

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