I love the idea of All-In-One Curriculum choices.  It makes planning and buying so much easier and everything works together.  Even though I love the idea, I rarely use them simply because my personality is more eclectic.  I have very strong opinions about what I teach, so it makes it hard to just stick with one option!  The times I have used an all-in-one I ended up adding in a bunch of other stuff as well.  

So, who do All-In-One Curriculum choices work for?  Moms who don’t have a lot of experience teaching and are a little nervous or insecure about choosing will find great comfort in a full curriculum choice.  Someone who doesn’t have a lot of planning time and has no desire to piece together a bunch of different subjects themselves will greatly benefit from these.  The biggest complaint about these curriculum choices is the up-front costs.  It is true that most of these are more expensive, but when you think about all the time saved and the ease of having everything you need from the beginning, it can be totally worth it!  

The All-In-One choices below have all been tried and loved by the Teach Me Joy Homeschool Community.  If you aren’t on the mailing list check out the VIP Membership by clicking on the header!  

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Teach Me Joy Options

Teach Me Joy has several different All-In-One choices from preschool to grade 2.  

Animal Play (2-4 Years) – Give your child a love of learning, learn the basics and have fun with animals! 

Fruit for Tender Hearts (K3-K5) – Bible, Math, Reading & Phonics, Science, Skill Development & Calendar Time make a well-rounded curriculum while teaching the Fruit of the Spirit.  It comes in cursive and manuscript versions.

Hall of Heroes (K5-2nd) – Your child will explore all the different heroes from the Bible, Science, History and more in Hall of Heroes 

Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

“It’s, well, easy. And free. Also, it is approached from a Christian worldview.”

“Great content, great price!”

“Biggest reason? It is free! It is easy to navigate.”

Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online 

This is a free option with great literature.  You can use it for every subject or just one!

“The books are great literature, and help my children learn how to think, write, and speak well.”

Schoolhouse Teachers

Schoolhouse Teachers

This is an online subscription that gives you access to all the programs and classes for the whole family!  It also gives you access to a resources library for the teacher.  Even if you only want to take a couple of classes and use other curriculum for the rest, you will get your money’s worth!

“They have resources for all ages and unexpectedly I found a wealth of resources for me as a mother, homeschool mom, and as a wife.  Worth every penny!!”



“They have carefully cultivated booklists. I honestly wouldn’t have picked half the books that ended up becoming my kids favorites.”

“My kids LOVE LOVE all the books and I feel over all, the kids are getting a well rounded education.”

“I love that it is all planned out for me, it is heavy literature based so we read looks of books (I read most of them to my children so I am way involved), it has a world perspective so we learn about lots of different cultures around the world, it is Christian based so it compliments our religion, it doesn’t have much body work (not many workbooks), and there isn’t many consumable materials so I can reuse most of the curriculum.”

“Sonlight has a very user-friendly Teacher Guide/Schedule that makes it easier to stay on track at times. The girls love the Living Books. When we have budgetary constraints, I can buy the Teacher Guide and check out almost all the books from our local library which keeps cost to a minimum. Our youngest is using Sonlight and loves it. (We tried Tapestry of Grace and, while it was nice to be covering the same material at the same time on different levels- in theory- that didn’t always happen in practice and it didn’t always make general discussion time smoother. Additionally, it could be a bit pricey because our local library didn’t carry many of the upper level books and we had to buy them. Granted, it is a one time purchase and our younger 2 daughters can use the same books, but it is nice to have the library option.)”

*Sonlight has also worked with mission organizations to give a discount to missionaries overseas.  You can contact them directly to find out how this works.

My Father’s World

My Father’s World

My Father’s World Christian homeschool curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason’s ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a biblical worldview and global focus.

“I tried my father’s world last year and we liked it a lot. Once in the family learning cycle I can just about fit all four of my current students.”

“I like being able to pick and choose which parts I want.”

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations

“I like the Classical model and they cover seven subjects.” 

“We are just finishing our 4th year. We love it for the community it provides; the kids have made some great friendships through CC and I have enjoyed the support and friendship of other homeschool moms. It provides a really solid backbone around which to build our homeschool curriculum, and helps ke ensure we’re covering the things we should be learning. My favorite thing so far has been the strong foundation in history that it is giving us. We learn the timeline every year, and memorize sentences about important historical events/people through the timeline each week. It has been a great fit for our family.”



“This is a series of self-paced classes for K-12 that uses Minecraft in the lessons!  This was one of our favorites this year.  The lessons were easy enough for our daughter to go through on her own, and the quizzes insured that she understood the materials.  There is a great mix of totally online classes and some that use well known curriculum.”

“If you have a child that is struggling to become engaged, this just might do the trick!”


KONOS Character Curriculum Review

“This works well for family with many children with a wide age range.  It has hands-on discovery learning, and is easy to adapt to our personal preferences.  It is Bible-based.”

School of Tomorrow

School of Tomorrow

“It is written for the kids to independently complete their work and understand it with very little input from me. It provides the backbone for me to then supplement while knowing the kids are getting through all the needed material. I do not have to write any lesson plans. It allows me to then focus on my K and 2nd grader and the baby. They are filled with Scripture and Biblical principles throughout every subject.”

Rod & Staff

Rod & Staff Curriculum Review

“It is consistently Christ-centered and character building.  It is complete.”

“The spelling is more difficult.”

*Many of our homeschool families use this for individual subjects instead of an All-In-One.  


Timberdoodle Online Catalog

“Timberdoodle does a fantastic job of pulling together great resources for a great school year!  They have a great mix of learning games and books.  They plan for kids who are kinesthetic learners and they have great hands-on choices for littles as well!  They give you a free week-by-week plan to help pull it all together.  Even when I haven’t ordered the complete package, I almost always order something from Timberdoodle to round out my curriculum!”



“Inexpensive, entertaining, self-teaching, and self-grading. Cons: requires a good internet connection, not from a Christian perspective, and, being computer-based, some children just will not stay on the site but are too distracted by all the other places they can go on the internet. However, I highly recommend it as it can save homeschooling for some parents, or temporarily for others.”

World of Adventure

World of Adventure – Unit 1

“It covers everything except math. Lots of trips to the library and great books to read and discuss. Plus there is a party at the end of every unit.”

Need College Prep Help?

Guide for Homeschool Students Transitioning to College

“This is a must have resource if your high schooler is thinking about college!  It gives some great tips and things to think about.”

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