The Language Arts subjects include Reading, Writing, Literature, Spelling, & Grammar.  These subjects are often bundled in other subject curriculum because it’s easy to pair with history & science with living books.  I have found that there are times when grammar, spelling and even reading elements are not covered fully.  

These are some language arts resource choices that homeschool moms from the Teach Me Joy community have used and loved.  There are some great options here!

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Teach Me Joy Options

The Ultimate Guide to Writing with Joy!This program gives a step-by-step guide to teaching 7 different writing styles including: writing a report, persuasive paper, newspaper article, radio (or TV) show, memoir, & biography.  It encourages independent learning and writing for students grades 4-8.  The ideas can be used with younger students with parental involvement.  

The Walk Through Wars Series uses unit studies through different wars to teach history, literature, and the writing elements from The Ultimate Guide to Writing with Joy!  The students learn Note Taking, Writing a Bibliography, Writing an Outline, Completing a writing project (different in each unit), Reading a Historical Fiction Novel & Completing a Simple Book Report, and Creating an Interactive Notebook.  

Reading and Literature Options

All About Reading

A scripted, open-and-go program developed for busy parents, teachers, and tutors who want to teach reading in the most effective way possible.

A truly multi-sensory program where students will learn through sight, sound, and touch. Everything is taught in context.

“My children have thrived with this program and enjoy reading.”

“It’s the only thing that has helped my son read.”

“I love its multisensory aspect and it’s easy to teach and learn.”

Progeny Press Study Guides

“No prep necessary and guides students so they become independent learners.”
“These literature guides are great for copywork & dictation style learning.  I have found them to be effective.”

The Good & The Beautiful

“Thorough but gently taught, beautifully presented, includes all language subjects, art, and geography.”

Sonlight Reading

“It has the best books and introduces us to books we didn’t know about.”

“My kids LOVE LOVE all the books and I feel over all, the kids are getting a well rounded education.”

“Our children love the Living Books. They include books with both a Biblical world view and books to challenge your thinking and allow for discussion.”

Grammar Resource Options

Grammar Revolution Get Smart Programs

“I LOVE this program.  The videos are easy to understand and students get a real sense of how grammar works by diagramming.”

First Language Lessons

“It is more closely aligned to what I remember learning in “Language Arts.”

“Love the poetry and gentle approach to introducing grammar.”

Easy Grammar

“Very simple, straight forward, and gaining mastery in small bites.”

“Its repetitive-therefore the kids remember.”

Grammar Galaxy

“It makes learning fun! Every week we learn a new story and the story pertains to what we will be learning that week. The worksheets really help the kids learn the information in a fun way. This is optional but everyday the kids can learn/review something online or certain subjects. Every month, Melanie Wilson, the author, sends out a new daily calendar with activities to complete. If they complete it, then, they get a star. My son LOVES it!! (The only negative that I see is that there is not is lot of review built in to the curriculum. Like what you learn the first year isn’t necessarily gone over on the 2nd year. Well at least that is what I think. We are only part way through the 2nd year. But my son LOVES it so much!! Reading/writing/English is a VERY challenging subject for him and he has always HATED it but not since we have been using Grammar Galaxy. It has become his all time FAVORITE subject!! :-)”

IEW Fix-It Grammar

“This is actually painless and mostly the kids do it themselves.”

“Lot of repetition and only about 15 minutes per day.”

Spelling Resource Options

All About Spelling

This is a seven level program based on the latest research. This award-winning program provides complete and comprehensive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach.

“We used all seven levels of this program as remedial help for my middle schooler.  I was so surprised at the holes we found, even in level 1!  He was spelling on grade level by the time we finished.  It was amazing!”  

“Has a lot of review and just 20 minutes per day. Uses all senses to help with memorization.”

“The multi-sensory approach works great for different types of learners.”

Rod & Staff Spelling

“I chose this because it is more difficult.”

Building Spelling Skills by Christian Liberty Press

“It has a Christian perspective, and although I’m not really sure why, out of all the spelling curriculum I’ve tried over the years, my kids like this one best. It’s challenging too! It’s certainly not the easiest one we’ve tried…”

Sequential Spelling

“It groups words into phonetic word families, easy to adapt for multiple ages and levels, and has short lessons.”

“This really simplified our spelling time, especially with the CD-Rom version.  I did notice that some of the sentences were not grammatically correct, but overall, we loved it.”

Spelling Power

“I only have to buy 1 book and I can use it year after year with all 3 children. They only “learn” the words they don’t already know.”

“I really like how each child can work where they are, regardless of grade level.  You use the same methods and books from 3rd grade through high school!”

Handwriting & Writing Choices

As young children, you start with handwriting.  As you get older you move on to writing on your own.  These resources choices include both the handwriting level and writing for older students.

The Joy of Handwriting Success

This Joy of Handwriting Course is the LAST handwriting course you will need to buy. It includes four different informational and training videos as well as every printable workbook you will need! The videos will guide you in your decisions on the best method of learning for your family. You can teach cursive alone, manuscript alone, or both together! Whichever method you choose, this program will guide you and give you the tools to use!

“Your program has been wonderful. I like the smaller lines and my daughter is able to use it independently. She is 6 and is now teaching her 4 year old brother after each lesson.”


Handwriting Without Tears

“It really helps remind my son of how to form his letters correctly.”

A Reason for Writing

“It gives clear instruction, plenty of space for copy work, pleasant presentation for student, and reinforces Bible memory.”

Apologia’s Writers in Residence

*For younger students check out the Jump In! Program.

Write Shop

“Write Shop has a very systematic and thorough system.  It would really appeal to someone who doesn’t feel strong teaching writing and needs a multi-approach way to teach.  It comes with very detailed teacher guides and different activities that make learning how to write fun!” 

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1 thought on “The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Resources: Part 2 ~ Language Arts”

  1. I love Logic of English Foundations for teaching phonics, reading, spelling, handwriting, grammar. It’s an Orton-Gillingham program like AAR/AAS but more cost effective and,some say, more engaging.

    We haven’t used it yet, but Logic of English Essentials is a great spelling and grammar program for third grade and up. They even have a reader for struggling readers.

    Another popular all-in-one LA curriculum is Master Books’ Language Lessons for a Living Education.

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