The math and science field has opened up so much in the last few years.  There are so many curriculum choices as well as game and hands-on options!  STEM options and toys for all ages have really taken off.  My daughter is completely in love with some of these, so I will show you her top picks later on!  

You will find links for math, science & STEM resource choices that homeschool moms from the Teach Me Joy community have used and loved.  I have a hard time choosing which great resources I will use each year.  I usually have my kids choose a theme and I buy just for that theme.  It’s a great way to build up your science and STEM resources a little at a time!  

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Math Choices

Teaching Textbooks

“I love that it does all the teaching and grading for me.”

“Teaching texting shows how to solve every problem.”



“I finally understand why we do what we do in math!”

“Worked well with the math inclined student and also the math challenged ones. Includes video taught lessons, great once the students were in the higher levels.”

“I love that the specific skills build as the student progresses, each lesson teaches using step by step instructions and multi-sensory tools such as videos, manipulatives, an app, it is also designed to appeal to any type of learner.”

“The manipulatives make it easier for my DS to understand.”

“I like the video explanations. Children do not just learn methods and formulas, but are helped to understand it.”

“Love the manipulatives and the DVD for teaching concepts.”

Right Start Math

“It is interactive. The child learns math in a different way than I did and they don’t feel like it is math. I love this program and plan on supplementing with Beast Academy when she is older.”

Saxon Math

“I like the repetitive daily work.”

“Saxon does a great job of teaching the new lessons and provides excellent examples; there is also a lot of repetition in the practice problems with built in review which keeps the material fresh even if it was presented 20-30 lessons earlier.”

Horizons Math

“The spiral method they use has really built my son’s confidence in math. He knows there is something he has already seen and knows in each lesson so he isn’t freaked out by the new material.”

Math Mammoth

“Thorough without being overwhelming, self-teaching, inexpensive, available as pdfs so I can print multiple copies for the kid who is always losing his books. Also chosen as a favorite by my kids out of all the math curriculum we’ve tried over the years.”

Reagan’s Top STEM Picks

Reagan is in 6th grade this year and has been obsessed with Robots and other STEM activities for the last couple of years.  These are her top picks for this year!

Dash Robot

“I love my Dash!  I can make little skits with it and he talks and responds to me.  Or I can make a hat and other tools for him to use out of legos using the attachment.  Even though the box says 6+, I still like to play with him and I’m going to be 12 soon!”

Lego Mindstorm Robot Set

“This is the robot I got this year and I LOVE IT!  I can make so many different things with it and there are even books that give more ideas.  Dad has to help me sometimes with the programming, but the last puppy robot I made I programmed myself!  This one will keep me busy for quite awhile!”

Gravity Maze

“This is so much fun and I love trying to beat my brother with it.  It does get pretty difficult sometimes, but that means I’ll be able to play for quite awhile and not get bored!”

IQ Games

“Mom says these are great for getting your brain going again when you have trouble concentrating.  I guess she’s right, because doing a puzzle or two helps me to finish an assignment I”m having trouble with!”

Science Resource Options

Apologia The Young Explorer Series

“This series is my absolute favorite for elementary through 8th grade.  I have been so impressed with the information given and the way it is presented.  The notebooking journals are a must!”

“This is my most expensive curriculum choice, but it is worth every penny! It makes science interesting and has so many different activities in the notebook. I wish I could have done this one myself as a child!”

“Creation-based; multi-level, going to be starting our 5th elementary volume, but changing from using with notebooking journals (except for the 1 son that really loves them) & investing rest of $ in hands on kits/projects with Guest Hollow’s Knowledge of Nature curriculum guide.”

“Its a Bibical perspective, kids like lapbooks, and you can buy science kits to support lessons.”

Apologia Exploring Creation – Middle School

“Grades 7 and up speaks directly to students, gives balanced view of theory and fact and truth.”

Apologia Exploring Creation – High School

“I have used it for Chemistry and Physics and it is amazing!!! It includes the labs written using mostly household (or very cheap) products vs. the expensive chemistry lab items. Very through and my daughter has completed it all independently with very little help.”

“This speaks directly to students, gives balanced view of theory and fact and truth.”

“Apologia is academically rigorous and still carries a Biblical worldview. I have a very strong science background and Apologia’s Biology 1 book is actually more on par with Biology 2 or AP Biology. The labs are also comprehensive.”

Young Explorers Voted #1

Sonlight Science

“It covers a full spectrum of science, the students learn the topics in greater depth as they circle back through each one over the years, highlight God as Creator but it’s a gentle approach, it engages students with living books and not boring text books, experiments are easy to do using common household supplies with little hard to find supplies, it is reasonably priced, and you have the option of purchasing the experiment kits.”
“We use Sonlight Science for the in depth stories, not just an overview, and literature based learning.”

Winter Promise Forensic Science

Forensics Illustrated – Stepping Under the Tape

Discovering God’s Creation: Forensics Crime-Scene Investigation

“It was very interesting, very timely with all of the advances in the past 15 years, and the girls could see real life applicability. (There are some topics that have been a struggle to get through because “I’m never going to be a botanist or a geologist. Why do I have to do this?!?!) We didn’t get that when we studied Forensic Science. They also enjoyed watching how Forensic Science caught the Golden State Killer recently.”


REAL Science Odyssey

A secular science curriculum that’s written by experts, organized for you, and engaging for your child.

“It’s mostly open and go. We can take as long or as short a time as we want for each unit.”

Other STEM Options

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  1. Master Books’ Math Lessons for a Living Education and Singapore Math are also popular math curriculums.

    Answers in Genesis science is another great option. Berean Builders has an elementary series of science throughout history (written by Apologia author Jay Wile) from Creation through the Industrial era.

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