I tried several different handwriting resources and programs with my son before I finally decided to write my own.  Nothing was wrong with the ones that I used, but I found myself saying, “I wish this would do this…” or “I wish this wasn’t included.”  The Joy of Handwriting was born as a result.  It uses all the aspects of what I wanted in a program.  

Of course, handwriting is so much more than a good program!  There are all kinds of tips and handwriting resources out there that can make your handwriting program dynamic. But who has the time to do all that research?!  Here is your Ultimate Guide for Handwriting Resources all in one place!  Enjoy!

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*Disclaimer:  I compiled all these as a resource for you as you search for what works.  I am not an affiliate for them and I have not tried all of the resources, so I cannot comment on their quality.  Of course, I hope you choose The Joy of Handwriting, but I want you to choose resources that work for YOU!

Handwriting Tips & Tricks

Elementary Resources

COMING SOON!  The Joy of Handwriting – Learning Cursive and Manuscript Together!  

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1 thought on “Ultimate Handwriting Resources Guide + GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I look forward to checking out all these resources and sharing your link along with my dragon-themed cursive printables! Everyone’s cursive should be unique — even if the only reason you want to write it is for your signature…especially then!

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